Lake Information


  • The Department of Natural Resources ranks Koronis as an “excellent fishing lake” and considers it very well suited for walleye reproduction. Reports of 3 to 4 pound walleyes caught on Koronis are not rare. Northern Pike, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Crappies, Sunfish, Tullibee and Perch are other game fish sportsmen enjoy from the lake.
  • Although there are many freshwater springs feeding the lake, the North Fork of the Crow River is the predominate water tributary to Lake Koronis. One of the most scenic cruises you’ll ever enjoy is a leisurely afternoon trip going up the river and visiting our sister lake, Rice Lake.
  • The Corp of Engineers maintains a permanent dam structure at the outlet of Lake Koronis to maintain a consistent water level on the lake at all times.
  • Lake Koronis is one of the furthest southern glacial lakes in the United States; meaning that this body of water was created by the force of a prehistoric glacier which carved its way to this location and ultimately melted, forming Lake Koronis, the islands, and the diverse shoreline. The lake reaches a depth of 134 feet, with its medium depth at about 25 feet.
  • The Koronis Lake Association and the Paynesville Sportsman’s Club are very active local organizations with a strong interest in the protection and improvement of this beautiful natural resource. In addition to fish stocking programs and rough fish removal activities of the Sportsman’s Club, the Koronis Lake Association has been extremely active for nearly 30 years in lake restoration programs including assisting lakeshore property owners in upgrading their individual septic systems, upstream feedlot and farm field run-off control, lake monitoring, and education programs.
    • There are five public accesses on Lake Koronis, a Paynesville City Park, and a County Regional Park, offering recreational access to local residents and visitors. Others discover Lake Koronis through the two resorts, two seasonal recreational vehicle campgrounds, and a Methodist Church camp.
    • The entire lake is navigable for all kinds of recreational boating crafts including sailboats, pontoons and run-a-bouts. Boat traffic on Lake Koronis remains uncrowded even on the most popular holiday weekends. There is ample space between fishing enthusiasts and water skiers.
  • These pursuits have resulted in a marked improvement in the overall water quality of Lake Koronis as demonstrated through ongoing water clarity tests and diagnostic studies in conjunction with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. For nearly twenty years now, “dog days” are no longer part of the Lake Koronis vocabulary.

Lake Koronis Information from DNR website