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    • Lake Koronis is named for a beautiful Indian maiden whose community once occupied these lands and harvested the fish and wildlife of the area. Their burial grounds on the southeast shore of the lake are a sacred and protected land today. “
    • "Koronis” as defined means “crown jewel.” Truly, those who knew and understood this definition many, many years ago aptly named this most beautiful lake, out of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, the crown jewel...Beautiful Lake Koronis.
  • Property ownership around the lake consists of approximately 40 percent year-round residents and 60 percent seasonal occupancy. However, the increasing popularity of Lake Koronis finds a large influx of new, permanent residents who choose to retire here or establish their career in Paynesville.

A beautiful place to live and raise their families. 

Pacesetters Sports - Minnesota Basketball Camps

River Lakes Stars West

Koronis Ministries (formerly Lake Koronis Assembly Grounds)

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